Why you should choose TEMPRO and why it is worth visiting Brno?


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extensive experiences and unbeatable treatment costs

Our department own the only device of this kind in the Czech Republic and we have more than 10 years of experiences with the use of thermotherapy  in the treatment of prostate enlargement (BPH) and chronic prostatitis.


Distinctive Advantages of TEMPRO Thermotherapy:

  1. Treatment is safe and effective with very low rate of post treatment complications, it is neither associated with the risks involved in the case of TURP, nor with the undesired side effects as in the case of drug medical treatment.

  2. May be performed in 60 minutes as an outpatient procedure avoiding hospitalization

  3. Procedure is anesthesia/sedation free

  4. Only some patients need catheter for a short period of time post treatment (up to 20%)

  5. There are no reported serious adverse events

  6. Tempro is able to treat nearly all prostate types with minimal physicians intra-procedure involvement

  7. RF energy has safe and predictable heat distribution, as opposed to microwave heating, no rectal probe or cooling device is needed

  8. clinical experience showed that Tempro patients had major improvements in the IPSS, QoL and Qmax (50% or more 3 month post treatment)


The price for a whole treatment is 1000 EUR for patients outside Czech republic (EU and other countries)

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